Christmas Fundraising Campaign

We invite you to help us decorate our virtual Christmas Tree.

There are no set limits for your donations, only suggestions.

We are very grateful for all donations we receive. This money goes directly to the food costs to keep meals affordable for clients in Airdrie, who for whatever reason require assistance with meals.

On behalf of the Clients of Airdrie Meals on Wheels we say Thank You in advance for your kindness.


Decorate our Christmas Fundraising Tree

Choose from the following decorations to “decorate our tree” and help support Airdrie Meals on Wheels:



    A delicious Rock Candy that brings smiles to all ages when received. Your donation of a virtual candy cane to our Fundraising Tree will keep our clients smiling.





    Christmas Lights which replaced the once used candles that were lit to signify the light of Jesus. The lights represent the glow of the season, and your donation of virtual lights to our tree, will contribute to the glow in the hearts of our volunteers and clients alike.





    Christmas ornaments help make trees that much more magical and fun. Your donation to our clients will help enrich and beautify their lives.





    Traditionally known to light the way. You have chosen to be an Airdrie Meals on Wheels Star and you do indeed brighten the lives of Airdrie residents that count on our service.





    A gift given in celebration. The desire to hide the identity of a gift until the right moment led people to wrap gifts thousands of years ago. A simple gesture of friendship & fellowship. We thank you for your virtual gift and fellowship.





    Garland has no value. It can be as simple and extravagant as your personal taste or budget desires. There is no price on Garland, as it is said that the Christmas Garland wraps the tree in love and hope of the season. Your donation amount of virtual garland to our fundraising tree does exactly that.



Tax receipts will be issued for donations greater than $20.00

– Thank You For Your Support –