Client Testimonials

I don’t know what we would do without Airdrie Meals on Wheels.  Both my wife and I have health problems, and neither of us can stand for long periods to cook any longer.  Your volunteers are doing a great thing.  It’s a wonderful service. – D.S.D.

Thank you to all who delivered meals to me. My day really began with your friendliness. Very happy memories. Special thanks to Barb. – I.W.

Airdrie Meals on Wheels is a great help to me. I have only good things to say about it. – V.K.

Because of my health condition, cooking for myself is very painful. I just can’t do it right now. Having Airdrie Meals on Wheels deliver good meals to my kitchen is such a great help to me. Perhaps once my condition improves, I’ll be able to cook for myself again, but right now I am very grateful for meals on wheels.  – D.G.

Today the lady who delivers meals on wheels to my mom found she had fallen and got the help to gain access to her apartment and took care of my mom. The office then followed up with me. So thankful they were there to help my mom!! – H.B.

Following a very difficult hip operation, I was not able to drive, shop, or cook for myself. Thankfully, during my recovery, Airdrie Meals on Wheels was there for me. What a wonderful service they offer. – T.E.

Airdrie Meals on Wheels is a lifesaver. Your volunteers are amazing! They do this for nothing and always have a smile and are so nice and cheerful. I don’t know what I’d do without them. My daughter works most of the week in another city, and I can’t always get out to buy groceries, so Meals on Wheels helps us so much. I’m very grateful.  -T.C.

Meals on Wheels has made a tremendous difference to my quality of life. I don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, planning meals, and preparing the meals. Just writing this lets me know how limited my energy is. I also get lots of variety of meals which are so yummy.
Thank you to all of you for this service.

Volunteer Testimonials

I’ve always wanted to volunteer, but with a job and a son to raise, I had little time to do so.  Now that I’m retired, I am discovering the satisfaction gained from feeling a part of a community and doing some good for others less fortunate.  Volunteering provides this satisfaction, keeps me busy and it’s a great way to meet new friends.  I highly recommend it!  – S.D.S.

Delivering Meals On Wheels helps me give to people whom otherwise cannot get out to buy their own groceries.  I gain a satisfaction of helping people and meeting new friends. – C.H.

I first decided to volunteer with MOW because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I have the opportunity to help people over the phone for my job, and now thru volunteering with MOW, I have the opportunity to be hands on and a part of someone’s day. Interacting with them and seeing their smiling, grateful faces each time is such a blessing. – R.K.

I volunteer because I can give back to this great community. It makes a difference to the lives of others, and I feel like a valued part of the Team. I also find it relieves stress, and I make new friends and relationships. – T.E.

Volunteering for Meals on Wheels is a very meaningful part of my life. I feel so blessed to live in Airdrie, but recognize that some people in our community may be facing challenges where getting groceries and cooking are very difficult for them. Knowing that I can be a part of providing healthy, well rounded and affordable meals as a way to prevent illness or help in someone’s recovery is extremely gratifying for me. – T.M.

Volunteering has allowed me a feeling of enrichment. Actively making a difference for people fills a part of us that remains empty without purposefully filling it. Many times, we don’t realize it’s empty until we start to fill it. The people I’ve met, understanding the difference I can make for them, and knowing I’ve truly helped has been an experience I am so thankful for. – M.C.

As a new volunteer I am really impressed by the number of clients helped by providing meals. The group of volunteers themselves provide such a service and are so dedicated! Everything is so well managed by Meals on Wheels and Cedarwood with completing all the orders in such a timely and accurate manner! Although I am new here, I really hope to make a difference as all of you are. For the most part, you are unsung heroes to all those clients that would be unable to remain in their homes without this assistance!! I seriously never thought of the service you all provided until I decided to begin volunteering and found your ad in the Scoop! I am so happy I followed up! – A.M.